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The 1997 estimated population of Cuba was 10,999,0Chinnese39, giving the country an average population density of 96 persons per sq km (249 per sq mi).

Professed Roman Catholics have declined from more than 70 percent of the population in 1957 to about 33 percent today. Among Protestants, who account for 1 percent of Cubans, Pentecostalism is the predominant tradition. About 50 percent of Cubans consider themselves nonreligious. Spanish is the official language of Cuba.

MulataThe Cuban population is made up mainly of three groups. Approximately 66 percent of the population is white and mainly of Spanish descent, 22 percent is of mixed racial heritage, and 12 percent is black. Almost all of the people are native born. Some 76 percent of the population is classified as urban.

Resent researches prove that an undefined number of people show characteristics of native ancestors. There is no racial discrimination in Cuba. Cuban people are friendly, talkative and great hosts; they are also joyful and good-humored.

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